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Relax in an affordable new or used spa!

Olson’s Spa Service is the authorized dealer of Artesian Spas for SoCal and sells a wide variety of affordable new and used spas and hot tubs. Whether for your summer home, cabin, or year-round home, we have the hot tub that's right for you! Call us to see what type of spas we offer. Your call will go straight to the owner to ensure you get prompt and personalized service.

Hot Tubs  |  New Spas  | Used Spas

We stock both indoor and outdoor spas, as well as all the spa equipment and accessories you need to keep your spa clean and running in top shape.

New & Used Spas

Why choose Artesian?

Learn about the extreme care and attention to details that Artesian Spas implements in this behind the scenes factory tour.

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Artesian Spas

Artesian Spas

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Did you know that spas provide great health benefits?

We all know that spas can soothe achy muscles and relax you after a day on the slopes or on that mountain bike. But soaking in a hot spa can also help you get a better night's sleep, ease the discomfort of type 2 diabetes and arthritis, and take the edge off when you are feeling stressed out.

We don't stop at the sale.

Our exceptional customer services don't stop after we sell you your hot tub or spa! We offer comprehensive spa services including repairscrane services, and maintenance.

Stop by our showroom in person for your spa supplies, accessories AND... to check out our FUN new spa and pool toys!

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